Fixer Czech Republic and Slovakia: What We Offer 

As fixers, we provide the skills, experience and all necessary arrangements for filming or doing media coverage in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Our talented team of press and film professionals make sure that all your needs are met in a creative manner and within budget while enjoying quality standards.

Fixer Czech Republic and Slovakia has a wide knowledge of the local culture. Hence we understand habits and traditions, which makes us the ideal assistants in putting together a shoot. We are passionate about media and we also love our traditions, culture, art and cuisine.

We have regional and international connections. This allows our Czech and Slovak fixers access in most communities and institutions within Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Our services include: general fixing, translation and production, location permits and scouting for filming, sourcing talent and crew, equipment rental.

Services & Coverage in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Fixer Czech Republic and Slovakia is a one-stop-shop for journalists and filmmakers. All the members of our team have relevant experience with international media as producers, journalists or production fixers.

Although we live in Praga and Bratislava, our network of contacts goes way beyond the two cities. We are adaptable and our fixers can cover both countries. Our contacts range from high officials to rural communities with a traditional way of life.

Moreover, Fixer Czech Republic and Slovakia is part of an international community of production fixers and media professionals covering Eastern Europe.

Our services include:

Translation/production assistance/general fixing

Film and media crew hiring: cameraman, videographer, photographer, sound engineer, stagehand

Location services: permits, scouting

Filming production assistance

Equipment rental from our local partners

Scheduling and logistics management

Crew sourcing

Behind-the-scenes filming & catering