Our Film Fixers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia can put together small teams that cover the needs of filmmakers. Instead of working with production companies in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, we suggest reducing the costs by putting together a local team of freelancers.


Franz Kafka, Václav Havel, The Old Town Square, Staropramen, the Bohemian Art, Charles’ Bridge, The Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock, Saint Vitus Cathedral – these are some ofFilming in Slovakia and Czech Republic the symbols of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The role of Fixer Czech Republic and Slovakia is to work as a one-stop-shop for all the needs a media crew covering the two countries can have.

Film Fixers

Fixer Czech Republic and Slovakia gives you all the support and information you need if you are coming in these countries for films and media materials. We help you with sorting everything, from contributors to logistics.

While our background is rather journalistic, we can adapt to short films and low-budget features.

Crew Sourcing & Gear Rental in the Czech Republic & Slovakia

While our team consists of media professionals, we cannot do the whole service of producing a film in-house. We can provide good deals from our partners doing equipment rental in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Subsequently, we can work with local agencies in Prague or Bratislava to recruit local talent when needed.

A One-Stop-Shop for Filmmakers

Although we are a small team, our main purpose is to work as a one-stop-shop for filmmakers. We realise that filming abroad can be tricky. Hence we generally act as a single point of contact for the production team in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Sourcing freelancers and local crew is, from our point of view, a good solution for limited budgets.